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New York City born and Boston based artist Cam Daye is a young music virtuoso who started playing music since a very young age and who by 8 already played the piano and the drums.

Thanks to his appetite for music knowledge, he quickly got very familiar with styles as diverse as Jazz, Rock and Classical music until his curiosity led him to discover a new passion for electronic music, and with it, a desire to push himself further to become a producer and DJ.

Since “Your Eyes”, his very first release, published in early 2018, Cam has proven early on his quality as a producer and artistic maturity. The track flows between genres, making it difficult to categorize within one style. While the catchy vocals might remind you of a classic Pop tune, the instrumental is always evolving. From broken urban sounds to uplifting drops, "Your Eyes" set the tone for a star on the rise.

His second track “Weak” followed up a few months later. The playful electronic ballad showcased how comfortable Cam is producing slower tempo music.

"Could You Be The One", Cam's third release with WAO Music and forthcoming in May, shows an impeccable progression in skill, quality and style. The track captures the best of both electronic and urban music: a heavy bass line, amazing beat accelerations, an infectious topline and top-notch vocals.
Original, solid, yet radio friendly and contagious, "Could You Be The One" is Cam's most solid record to date and the tune he’s chosen to help you kick off that summer season we’ve all been waiting for so long!


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