A naturally gifted producer from Barcelona, HEREN’s talents as a versatile producer can be found across his forty+ releases on labels such as Ultra Music, Universal Music, Sony Music and Yoshitoshi, among many others. A former member of Spanish dance act YALL, his breakthrough came when the groups single ‘Hundred Miles’ became a viral hit with over 160 million streams worldwide thanks to a TV campaign by fashion brand DESIGUAL, which led to the record becoming one of the most popular songs of 2015 and earning the record a series of #1 chart positions worldwide. The single would find fame again in 2016 when used in a TV campaign renowned soft-drinks brand Pepsi.

Since 2016 HEREN has devoted himself to his own music, choosing to focus on the creation of productions and remix compositions in line with his own creativity. Having previously worked with artists that include Deep Dish’s Sharam, Dragonette and many others, HEREN has shown himself to be successful as a collaborator as he is working individually.

His remix work has led to re-edits for artist tracks such as Mord Fustang ‘The Electric Dream’, Brian Cross Feat. Angelika B’s ‘Unbreakable’ on Ultra Records and rising talent Gelab’s stirring anthem ‘Ready or Not’ which was released on Aftercluv (Universal Music). As a producer he has also applied his skillset to scoring music for film. Working with Mr.K, HEREN completed four of the main songs for the soundtrack Paco León’s 2016 film ‘Kiki el amor se hace’. With the lead song ‘Kiki’ being nominated for ‘Best Original Track For A Motion Picture’ in the 2017 edition of the Spanish Goya Awards.

Following a period of studio hibernation as HEREN put it, the end of 2016 saw the release of his last solo track ‘Here & Now’. To date the single has amassed over 3.5 million streams worldwide and found radio support within Europe and South America. The single was also used as the opening jingle for Spanish TV show ‘Tu Si Que Si’ on laSexta (one of Spain’s most watched TV channels) and has been placed with charts such as the Massive Dance Hits UK and the Top 200 Dance Chart on iTunes in France, Sweden, Peru, as well as becoming one of the 50 most viral tracks in Argentina, Spain, Chile and México. The singles remix package includes cuts by Embody, Ramon Esteve and HEREN himself. HEREN also demonstrated just how in-demand his productions are by stepping up to remix Spanish popstar and actor David Bisbal’s latest output.

Looking forward HEREN has once again collaborated with Desigual, which saw his single ‘One Life’ feature as part of their ‘Exotic Jeans’ campaign. The video for the ‘Exotic Jeans’ campaign featuring ‘One Life’ has already received over 1.4 million views on YouTube since its release on WAO Music, and Thrive in the US. The second part of 2017 also saw HEREN launch his mysterious ANJ pseudonym with the EP “We Are One” and from which he showcases his most personal and experimental side.

Now in 2018 HEREN has released the remixes of “One Life” including reworks from the American artist Cam Daye, FTKS and two remixes of his own, one under his own name and another under his ANJ guise. He also has 3 forthcoming singles, the first one being “Animals (Raw Love), various releases as ANJ and countless collaborations with different international artists.

With a yearning to create rich textured dance songs that straddle both club and overground appeal and new music in his arsenal ready to be unleashed, HEREN is now on course to making his own mark within the electronic scene.





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