The Barcelona-based producer and DJ David Borras, better known by his artistic name HEREN, has announced that he is leaving the group YALL.

This news arises at a moment in which YALL is at the peak of its musical success in their eight-year history as a band, with the track “Hundred Miles” reaching the nº1 chart position for the radio station “Los 40 Principales”.

HEREN expressed that his departure is due to “differences” with the band and has asserted his enthusiasm to focus on his solo career: “My time with YALL represents many years of learning and evolution. Now it’s time to close this chapter and focus on HEREN. All I’m thinking of is to work hard and keep on creating music with the total creative freedom to continue generating new sensations for my audience”, he said.

Throughout these years, HEREN has represented 50% of  the YALL’s musical output and has worked on every piece of music produced by the group. YALL’s final leap to the spotlight was triggered over the last few months by the release of the single “Hundred Miles”, featuring Gabriela Richardson. The track was the main musical theme of an international ad campaign for the fashion brand Desigual. Its TV broadcast has skyrocketed their popularity in different countries across Europe (Italy, Austria, Belgium...). It has reached the number one spot in France, as well as in Spain, on the country’s most popular radio station, “Los 40 Principales”.