David Borras (HEREN) Nominated for The Goya Awards 2017 for “Best Original Track For a Motion Picture.”

"One of Spain's most prevalent producers, David Borras, also known under his DJ alias HEREN, has been nominated for" Best Original Track For Motion Picture "in the Goya Awards 2017, for his song" Kiki ".

The track, produced with Mr K! It is a blend of upbeat electronic grooves and a twist of kinky latin pop.

"Kiki" composed alongside Alejandro Acosta, Cristina Manjón, Marc Peña Rius and Paco León, is the main song for the original motion picture "Kiki, Love to Love" directed by Paco León and produced by Vertigo Films, premiered back in April 2016.

Being Spain's leading award ceremony for film, David Borras proves once again his versatility and talent as a producer and brings his sound to a whole new audience. This time via The Big Screen.

The winner will be announced February 4th during the 31st edition of the awards in Madrid and will be broadcasted by RTVE. "