Veil is born from the voice fusion of TxellL and Albert. Inspired by American music and some of it’s delicate vocalists (Norah Jones, Simon & Garfunkel...), this duet offers a repertoir of Melancholic songs combined with a strong essence of electronic music. They deliver an energetic and yet nostalgic sound that will leave you wanting more.

Veil has released a diverse range of work, from the launch of their first studio album (Safe and Sound), to side projects together with electronic music producer HEREN, and most recently the release of their latest album (Acoustic Visions) which was made in collaboration with Sony ATV, compiling ten emblematic songs taking you on a journey of musical covers through each decade, dating back from the sixties to the present day.  

In this new phase, songs caractherized by a, rather, folk vibe are brought up to date with electronic details in their production. In addition, Albert will be taking a step up front joining Txell in the spotlight, creating a vocal duet, fusing both their voices.




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