VEIL is born from the voice fusion of Txell and Albert. Inspired by American music and some of it’s delicate vocalists, this duet offers a repertoire of melancholic songs combined with a strong essence of electronic music. They deliver an energetic and yet nostalgic sound that will leave you waiting more.

Her debut album, “Safe & Sound” will be released in 2018 and is an up close and personal piece of work where each of the songs is printed with her trademark sound and personality. It will include the songs, “Warriors”, the album’s first single, as well as “What Happens Next?, “This Song” and ”Safe and Sound” after which the album is named. “Departure”, an upbeat song in between indie and pop, will be released as the second single of an album comprised of thirteen personal and moving songs filled with positive messages, melancholy and are ultimately full of life.

“Safe and Sound” is definitely a record debut with which Veil hopes to step in firmly within the international independent music scene.

For the most curious, Veil will be premiering some of the songs during her numerous concerts throughout Spain. The audience from venues such as La Fabrica Damm (Barcelona), Bikini (Barcelona), Sala Luz de gas (Barcelona), Es Casino, Sa Cova d’en Xoroi (Menorca) El Sielu (Manresa), El Teatre-Auditori y La Pua (Sant Cugat, Barcelona), among many others, have already fallen under the charm of the young artist. Her charisma, honesty and proximity transmit what the veil doesn’t let you see.



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